Statistical Physics and Soft Matter Theory: KOMET 1/2



in the last row: Markus Rein, Christoph Scherer, Fabian Knoch, Timo Schäfer, Markus Haack, Johannes Heuser, André Kesser, Remi Khatib            
in the second row: Giovanni Settanni, Tongchuan Suo, Shuanhu Qi, Kota Usui, David Richard, Thomas Speck, Stephan Köhler, Benjamin Trefz, Sergei Egorov, Isidro Lorenzo Geada, Andreas Nussbaumer           
in the front row: Gang Huang, Astrid Chase, Peter Virnau, Friederike Schmid, Kurt Binder, Stefanie Stalter, Giang Vu, Leila Salimi Parvaneth, Marialore Sulpizi, Santosh Kumar Meena



   See also the pictures of the conference
  Statistical Physics: Interplay of Theory and Computer Simulations
  in honour of Kurt Binder in the summer 2012